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Maintenance of Records

Maintenance of Records: The last IEP and Evaluation report will be maintained in the students digital record.  All other records will be destroyed at age 21 or after the provision of services, whichever comes first.

For birth years 1983-1995: Every effort has been made to store the last IEP and Evaluation Report for students who were receiving special education services when they exited school.  

Records Transition: We are currently having our files transitioned from paper to a digital format. This may cause a delay in obtaining records. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we are in this transition period. 

Maintenance  of Records schedule: 
Birth Year

Date physical records (excluding the last IEP and Evaluation Report) will be destroyed


Jan. 1, 2021


Jan. 1, 2022


Jan. 1, 2023


Jan. 1, 2024


Jan. 1, 2025


Jan. 1, 2026


Jan. 1, 2027


Jan. 1, 2028


Jan. 1, 2029


Jan. 1, 2030

2009 Jan. 1, 2031

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