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    Transition Services

    The Wabash-Miami Area Program Transition Staff provides many services for individuals with disabilities.  The Transition Staff is constantly modifying and changing our programs to meet individual student needs.  
    • Transition Services offers a continuum of job readiness services for our students with Moderate and Severe Cognitive disabilities.  Eligibility for job readiness services for individuals identified with Mild Cognitive or Emotional disabilities is determined on an individual basis.

    • Adult Service Connections:  The Transition Coordinator can and will collaborate with area adult service providers to assist with the future planning for individual students.  Current programs with adult service agencies include:
      • Collaborative effort between Resource Connection and Vocational Rehabilitation to assist individuals in applying for Vocational Rehabilitation services.


      • Collaborative effort between Pathfinders Services and Wabash-Miami Area Programs to assist individuals and families in applying for the Medicaid Waiver.

    Continuum of Transition Services:

    Classroom Activities
    Our Transition Staff supports student in their classrooms.  Some examples include pre-vocational activities, resumes, applications, interviewing, community based instruction, and hygiene skills.  Our classrooms are designed to focus on teaching students skills that will allow them to be as independent as possible as an adult.

    We Can Classroom
    The We Can Program is a training program designed for students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities age 14 or older.  The appropriateness of other students (Individuals with a Mild Cognitive Disability or an Emotional Disability) is determined on an individual basis.  The We Can Program is set up for students to learn basic job skills including clocking in and out, following instructions, sorting, counting, shredding paper, completing tasks, and taking breaks.  It is a structured work site that builds independent job skills. These skills are taught through a project-oriented program where students create and complete various craft items such as word working, painting, sewing, and assembly.  Students are then involved in the packaging, pricing, inventorying, and selling of the items they have prepared.

    Supported Training Sites/Employment
    For students age 15 and over, who have demonstrated mastery of the skills in the We Can Classroom, there are a variety of training experiences available.  Students are placed on sites with the support of a full-time or part-time job coach.  The job coach is responsible for working with the community employer, student, and classroom teacher to assess a student's abilities and needs in specific job related areas.  Students are usually on a site for 1 1/2 hours per day for 1-3 days per week.

    Transition ICE
    Transition ICE is a class offered through Heartland Career Center for seniors or students ready to exit.  Students in this program should be able to work independently on a job site.  The class meets every day for the first 3 weeks of school.  Beginning sometime in September, students are placed on their work sites, and they work every afternoon.  It is helpful for students to have their driver's license, but it is not a requirement for the class.


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