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Free Online Training Modules

The Indiana Center on Teacher Quality (ICTQ), a State Professional Development grant funded by the IDOE, has developed free, online training modules on topics that may be of interest to your teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators. These include:

  • Co-Teaching
  • Universal Design for Learning framework (which includes modules on UDL, Culturally Sustaining Practices, Educational Neuroscience, Classroom Management, and Building Relationships)
  • Supporting Students with High Support Needs
The link to access these modules is:

The modules are on Canvas and the registration is fairly simple, requiring the creation of a password attached to your email address. The UDL framework is the longest module with five separate tutorials that can be viewed separately or as a part of the entire series (we encourage participants to ultimately complete the entire module as it is an integrated framework)

Upon completion of these modules, participants will receive a certificate that can be used for PGP points.

These were developed as universal modules to provide an overview and conceptual understanding of the topics. We have had great feedback on these modules from early users.  We hope that your general and special educators find them useful. Please feel free to share with other members of your executive leadership team.

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