Webinars - Free Training from PATINS Nov.7-17

                                                                                              No Cost Training from PATINS

Take a look & get registered for these no cost training opportunities from PATINS for November 7 - 17.
PGPs are available, even for Tuesday night’s Twitter chat!

Tuesday, November 7

8:30 pm: PATINS Twitter Chat, We'll be chatting about what accessibility really means.

Thursday, November 9

3:30 pm: Mindfully Supporting Students with Hearing Loss, webinar with Vicki Walker

Tuesday, November 14

3:30 pm: Mindful Management: Low, Mid and High Tech Approaches to Support Kids with ED, webinar with Rachel Herron

8:30 pm: PATINS Twitter Chat, Let’s chat ICAM basics.

Wednesday, November 15

3:30 pm: AT Team Development, webinar with Julie Kuhn

Thursday, November 16

9:00 am: Life Skills Classrooms and UDL! Is it Possible?????, webinar with Jim Lambert